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Mountain Ridge Hole Number 14

on the left. The green slopes from back to front and can get slick in spots. By the way, any shots to the right of the green will kick even farther right.

Mountain Ridge Hole Number 16

through the corner into the woods. The uphill approach shot requires additional club in order to reach the green. The green is very severe and slopes from back to front.

Mountain Ridge Hole Number 9

green on the golf course requires a shot that might have to carry water and sand. The green is 50 paces deep, so take that into consideration when making club selection.

Mountain Ridge Hole Number 11

The second longest par four on the course requires a long tee shot to a very wide landing area. The waste bunker on the right awaits any errant tee shots. The green is deep and narrow and slopes from back to front

Mountain Ridge Hole Number 12

A very difficult par three. The grass bunker fronting the green makes it appear that the hole is not as long as the scorecard reads. You might even want to take an extra club to make sure you carry this bunker. A waste

Mountain Ridge Hole Number 3

A dog leg right par four gives you plenty of room for the tee shot. The water on the left is farther than it looks. A good tee shot can carry the trees on the right, setting up a short approach. The green has two tiers

Mountain Ridge Hole Number 5

When you finish admiring the view from the top of this par three, be aware that the elevation change does affect your club selection. You might hit one club less than normal. Playing to the right side of this green

Mountain Ridge Hole Number 7

A very difficult driving hole which doesn't allow for much error. You can carry the bunker on the right which opens up the driving area a bit. The approach is to a narrow green which falls off both sides. Any shot

Mountain Ridge Hole Number 8

One of the shortest par fours calls for an accurate tee shot with grass bunkers to the left and a sand bunker to the right. For many people, a fairway wood or long iron off the tee is the way to go. The green is very

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