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Mountain Ridge Hole Number 1

A straight-away par four. The tees are aligned to the right, so be careful to aim yourself correctly. The approach to the green can be difficult, depending upon the pin position. With water left and bunkers to the right

Mountain Ridge Hole Number 6

A long par five which requires a tee shot to the right side of the fairway. This allows you a nice angle for the second shot. The green has many swales which require an accurate iron shot. Be careful of the waste bunker

Mountain Ridge Hole Number 17

A beautiful par three which plays shorter than its yardage due to the elevation change. The green actually slopes away from the golfer, making it difficult to stop the tee shot on the green.

Mountain Ridge Hole Number 2

A green which is well-protected by bunkers and water adds to the challenge of this short but difficult par three. The green is 45 paces deep and pinches in at the center, so club selection is at a premium.

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Mountain Ridge Hole Number 10

A slight dogleg right which requires a tee shot away from the bunker on the right side, favoring the left side as much as possible. The approach shot is very deceiving, as the green is larger than it appears

Mountain Ridge Hole Number 15

Yes, there is a fairway amidst the sand. A large waste bunker travels the entire left side of the fairway, while a small bunker protects the right. This is a very deep green, which makes club selection important

Mountain Ridge Hole Number 4

A medium length par four which has a hidden waste bunker on the right side of the fairway. Aim the tee shot to the right of the grass bunker, which will be a good position to approach the green. A very deep green slopes

Mountain Ridge Hole Number 18

For most golfers, a three-shot par five. Bunkers on the left side of the fairway make the right side more desirable; however, a stand of trees will make the lay up difficult if you are too far right. The green complex

Mountain Ridge Hole Number 13

ball towards the left side to be able to hit to the green. The fun doesn't stop as you try to knock it on the green. A big sand bunker on the left protects any pin positions in the back corner, and the green falls off