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Just one word: WOW
Nancy Story - Friday, December 27, 2013


 It just keeps on coming.

The snow hasn’t really let up much since mid-November, when we opened on Thanksgiving Day for the first time in years. Then, we opened 100% of our runs by December 13th, the earliest all-slopes open start ever in 56 years. 

And the snow just keeps on coming.

What it’s brought, besides the memorable snow conditions, are crowds of people who never knew winter could be this much fun. They may have tossed their old skis in a closet years ago, but the sight of fresh fluff has them lined up in rentals for newer models to sample the snow.  This winter’s early beauty has enticed those who have never skied to timidly step into ski bindings, ease into a ski lesson, and boldly go up a chairlift for the first time. Snowbirds who have traditionally gone to Florida are hanging around longer, just to play in the snow. College kids home for a visit are rushing over, skis waxed and ready, to check out the new Buck quad chairlift.  Grown-up adult kids who remember schussing down these hills as youngsters are introducing their own children to the sport in perfect snow conditions. Lots of helmeted tots are toeing the starting line over in Totem Park, and since they know no differently, they will believe that winter is always this way.  And finally, seasoned Crystal veterans have whooped down the soft powder of fall lines, ducking into those new Buck Glades that were once eyed hungrily from the old Buck chair. The thunder of ski boots in the lodge is loud this holiday season, as the end of 2013 has brought us a bonus of cold temperatures, champagne powder, and fresh flakes every morning for breakfast.

This is winter as it should be. Don't miss it.

Getting Fit for the Slopes
Nancy Story - Friday, December 06, 2013

Snow season came quickly, and with the slopes already white, you’d better step up your ski fitness readiness. Okay, we know it's December and you've procrastinated. But it's never too late to get started on slope strength! Personal trainer Kari Wyse of the Peak Fitness Center demonstrates several exercises that will get you in “Peak” condition. Afterwards, Kari suggests cooling down with one of our Snowsports Yoga classes, and enjoy a relaxing soak in the hot tub. For more information or to schedule a personal training session with Kari, call the Peak Fitness Center at 231-378-2000 ext. 7300. And check out our Crystal Spa and Peak Fitness Expo this Saturday, Dec. 14, from 9am-1pm .


               BOSU ROMAN 1, 2                                               

            FRONT BACK LUNGE 

    IN OUT DOTS 1,2


        SIDE LUNGE 1, 2