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Awe-tumn in the Art Park

Nancy Story - Wednesday, October 03, 2012


They call it awe-tumn for a reason. Nature’s artistry splashes bright colors across the northwoods canvas of October. But the hand of human artists also comes into play within the woods of the Michigan Legacy Art Park here at Crystal.  Over 40 pieces of artwork are displayed on nature’s stage, scattered throughout the 30-acre park.  

It sure adds a different element to your standard fall trek through the trees. Taking a hike is more like a treasure hunt, as trails wind through hills & hardwoods featuring subtle sculptures, designs, and captivating creatures rising from the forest floor.  Keep your eyes peeled for the frog, search for the fairy ring, seek out the clan symbols on the trees, hunt for the serpent mound, or explore the stockade labyrinth.  Each piece connects to the park’s mission of bringing people, nature and history together. Artists draw from the history of Michigan and the elements of nature as their thematic guide, crafting their work with both natural and synthetic materials. 

This Sunday, Oct. 7, the Art Park hosts a Family Day from 1-4pm.  Designed to spur creativity, participation, and exploration, the event is not just a walk in the Park. There are workshops both musical and whimsical, photo scavenger hunts and guided tours to take it all in.  Admission is $3 per person or $10 per household.  Join us for an afternoon in the Park, where autumn’s natural splendor joins hands with the imaginative skills of over a dozen artists.

And beyond next Sunday, here’s a tip: once hunting season arrives, the Art Park is a safe oasis for hikers looking for a walk in the woods, where the only hunting allowed is tracking down artist Sandra Osip’s Tribute to White-Tailed Deer.  You’re welcome to shoot – with your camera.


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