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Skiing for Show and Tell

Nancy Story - Thursday, January 03, 2013



  Six year-old twins Danny and Luke were on the slopes last week, along with thousands of others who visited us over the holidays.  They’ll be reliving their slope adventures with their first-grade classmates this week.  

“We have show and tell at our school,” Luke explained. “But you’re not supposed to just tell them stuff. You’re supposed to show them. My dad said he would take a video of me when I’m skiing. Then, I’ll be able to show them. And I would tell them it’s really fun! I like going down mountains.  But you have to dress warm.”

Back at show & tell, the twins will no doubt regale their friends with tales of taming treacherous terrain, schussing at eye-watering speeds, dodging trees and looking for jumps. When you’re six, each run has the potential for wild adventure.   “I always find the jumps,” Danny said. “I like to go really fast. The scariest part is going down backwards. Sometimes you fall. But I know how to fall. If you land in a hole you just climb out.”

With the confidence of a seasoned professional, Danny laid out downhill instructions. “First, you point your skis down the hill. And you can move them so they’re sideways, to make them slow down. Or you can make a piece of pizza with your skis to stop. The first time I tried to stop, it was perfect.” He grinned. “I actually sprayed someone with snow when I stopped.”  The hardest part, for Danny, is “putting my skis side-by-side.  But my dad coached me.”  

 Mastering the sport requires chairlift agility, too. “First, you stand in the line, and then you walk up to the red line,” Luke said.  Then the chairlift comes and you just sit down. Your mom can help you. Then you lift your skis up, and you go up really high. Then you put your skis down on the ground and stand up – just like that!”  Danny warned of the dangers of being a “dangler”, when you miss sitting down on the chair and slide forward  off the chair. “Then you have to duck your head so you don’t get hit by the chairs behind you”, he said.

Their older brother Zach, age 12, is an avid snowboarder who likes the camaraderie out on the slopes. “There are some really good people out there,” he observed. “If you fall, they help you back up.” But his favorite part, he claims, is “the thrill and the rush of the hills.”  The twins, listening in,  nodded solemnly in agreement. “That’s it,” Danny said. 

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