Cross-Country Skiing Trail Map

25 KM (15.5 Miles) of Cross-Country Ski Trails

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Otter Run

Easiest route offers intro to cross-country, or a quick warm-up. Otter’s 1.3 mile inner loop is on flat terrain, while the more difficult 0.4 mile Outer Otter includes short climb and descent. Lighted trail open until 10pm daily.

Otter Run and Outer Otter are a designated Recreation Trail for Cross Country Skiing, Snowshoeing, Snow Bikes, and hiking and dog walking. Snowshoers and hikers should walk parallel to the groomed trail for the safety and enjoyment of the skiers and bikers. Please do not walk or snowshoe on the groomed and track-set portion of the trails. Snowshoe rentals and Snow Bike rentals are available on a limited basis.  

Jack’s Rabbit

Accessing this 3 mile loop includes a gradual climb at start of Stag Hollow. Take left split at pts 2 & 3 to get to this fairly flat, scenic trek thru trees/fairways, gradual uphill and downhill sections.

Aspen/Stride Right

Tranquil 6.5 mile loop winding thru pine forest, mostly flat run.


Stag Hollow

Trail begins between Buck lift and parking lot, gradual climb levels off, serves as main route for accessing other trails.

Loon’s Lane

Turn right at pt 3, mile-long route features mostly flat terrain with two return options: either head right up the Aspen climb, or go left for an easier (but longer) return to the Cross-Country Center via Aspen.

Doe’s Delight

Take right split at pt 2 for a long gradual climb up Stag Hollow to access Doe’s Delight. At pt 16 head right for a series of up/downhill sections, featuring panoramic views.

Willy's Way

Turn off from Loon's Lane at pt 3 1/2 for a fun up and downhill route that will connect to Jack's Rabbit at pt 5.


Hawk Ridge

Scenic black diamond trail thru the Michigan Legacy Art Park. At pt 16, follow Doe’s Delight shortcut to pt 15 towards Hawk Ridge trailhead. Downhills are steep and fast!

Flying Squirrel

Technically challenging trail that winds through the Art Park. A roller-coaster run with sharp climbs and harrowing descents.


A steep, winding descent off the top of pt 13, Nepsa joins Aspen at the bottom of this exhilarating downhill ride.


Split off Stag Hollow at pt 19, it's a long cardiac climb to North Face downhill complex, followed by demanding downhill descents. Truly a test of endurance.

Trails are identified by their relative degree of difficulty at this area. A given designation here does not necessarily correspond to the same degree of difficulty rating at another area. When conditions are adverse, trails may not be open. Grooming quality can be affected by temperature, wind, rain and falling snow. For the most up-to-date cross-country trail conditions call 888.968.7686 ext. 4000.

Fat Tire Snowbiking

This winter, enjoy the beauty of northern Michigan on two wheels. Rent one of our fat tire snow bikes and cruise on the nearly 6 miles of fat tire bike trails. The entire trail takes riders between 30-45 minutes to complete.

Fat Loop: Single track fat tire only trail. Fairly flat and easier than the other fat tire trails.


Snowshoeing is allowed on all Crystal Mountain property except on cross-country trails and downhill slopes. Snowshoe rentals available at the Park at Water’s Edge, 888.968.7686 ext. 7000.