Benefits of ownership


Northern Michigan. These two words ignite a spark in the eyes of anyone familiar with this part of Michigan. Owning a place in Northern Michigan is something of which many people dream, whether a home on a nearby lake or river, acreage for hunting, or a condo at the base of the slopes. Whether your permanent residence or a weekend retreat, the benefits of an up-north home number as the stars, the primary one being the years of memories one cannot help but make when in Northern Michigan.

If ownership of a condo or townhome right at Crystal Mountain is something you're considering, check out these additional benefits of ownership:


Crystal's Rental Management Program

The ability to rent your place while you aren't using it is one of the major attractions of buying resort real estate. Crystal Mountain offers an on-site professional rental management program for condominium units located at the resort. It is a cooperative venture between the unit owners and Crystal, which serves as the Rental Agent. In this program, owners and Crystal share mutually in the benefits, risks and responsibilities inherent in a hotel type business.

Timely Trades

Owners have the option to exchange periods of ownership with other Crystal Mountain owners. The Resort’s on-site rental management supervisor helps do the legwork and arrange your trade for you for a small fee.

Bonus Time

With Bonus Time, fraction owners have the opportunity to use and enjoy the resort at times other than your deeded weeks. The only cost to an owner when making a Bonus Time reservation is the normal cleaning/restocking fee and a $10 administrative fee to handle the transaction.

RCI Membership

Owner's of a Crystal Mountain Townhome, Condominium, Cottages or Bungalow are eligible for membership in. Resort Condominiums International (RCI). RCI is the world's premier vacation exchange network. With over 4,000 resorts in nearly 100 countries, you can trade a week or partial weeks of your ownership at Crystal Mountain for vacation time at resorts around the world. And since Crystal Mountain enjoys RCI's prestigious Gold Crown designation, you're assured the option of trading into the finest resorts in the RCI network.