The Cottages at Water's Edge

The Crystal Mountain Cottages glow with the warmth of a 1900s era camp. And with quarter ownership - 13 weeks per year - you buy what you need and use what you own. This community offers three different cottage styles.

The Garden Cottage: Inspired by the rustic vaulted beam construction of the early twentieth century, this plan is one of simple elegance. The large open space suggests the humility of the traditional one-room cottage. But the elegant bedrooms, quaint dining area and modern kitchen sweep this cottage into the present.

Starting at $119,900

The Family Cabin: Blending the best of the past with the promise of the future is what this cabin style offers. A contemporary kitchen, master bedroom and bath, fun bunkroom and a natural stone fireplace are just some of its features. This is an invitation for friends & family to create timeless memories, season after season.

Starting at $131,900

The Vacation Bungalow: Its spacious interior allows extended family or close friends ample room for visiting. The natural wood finishes of the beams and the solid lines of the cut stone fireplace contribute to the bungalow influenced character of these welcoming vacation retreats.

Starting at $136,900

Ownership includes a complimentary FOUR SEASONS CLUB family ski/golf membership.

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