Property Owners - Trade FAQ

Crystal Mountain Rental Management Owners Trade Program

Crystal Mountain offers the trade program to all owners on the rental management program, shares and whole owners alike. Any association may trade with each other association. As a share, you may desire to stay a different week than you are assigned. As a whole owner, you may have additional family or friends coming for a visit and would like a larger or even an additional unit. An owner can contact Crystal Mountain to initiate the trade and every attempt to find the trade will be made. All trades are subject to the rules in the Property Management Employment Contract.

Questions and Answers:

    Q. Whom do I contact if I want to trade an ownership week with another owner?

    A. The first step is to contact Janell Smith, Rental Management Supervisor. Call at 231-378-2000 ext. 3353, or fax 231-378-4594.

    Q. What information is needed to begin the process?

    A. A form can be found on the Property Owner’s section of Crystal Mountain’s website. You can fill it out online and then either email it directly to Janell using the Submit Button or print it out to fax or snail mail. You can also provide information by phone.

    Q. May I trade any number of days that I own at Crystal Mountain?

    A. Any number of days may be traded to another owner provided that each owner agrees to the trade period.

    Q. What fees apply to a traded week?

    A. A trade week fee of $80 will apply to the requesting owner if a trade is made. Additionally, if you reserve your newly owned week for yourself, the appropriate clean-up fee will apply.

    A $30 fee will be assessed to the requesting owner if a trade is found, but the requesting owner decided to make alternate plans without alerting Janell. Don't assume if a trade isn't found in a couple of weeks it won't happen. Reservations cancel and sometimes open up new possibilities. It is difficult to go back to the accepting owner and explain the trade doesn't exist anymore after they have offered to help.

    Q. Can a guest use my traded week?

    A. Once a trade is made with another owner, the week is yours, just as the original week was. You may opt to stay in the unit, rent it out or give it to a friend to use at no charge.

    Q. How far in advance should we request a trade?

    A. As far in advance as possible. One-year advance notice is best in order to satisfy all parties. Trade weeks with less than a year’s notice is more of a challenge but still can be done based on availability of the week requested.

    Q. What is the purpose of this program?

    A. This program will allow you to efficiently trade time, and it will enhance the value of your ownership at Crystal Mountain. Our goal is for you use your unit as often as possible. Trades allow you to have greater flexibility when and how you stay. So, enjoy and leave the work to us!!

Download our Trade FAQ (PDF).