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  • Last Updated: 18-Jan-2018 10:17 AM
  • Base: 40"-58"
  • Trails Open: 57
  • Lifts Open: Ridge, Buck, Clipper, Loki, North Face & 2 Totem Carpets
  • Lift Hours: 9am-9pm
  • Trail Conditions: Machine groomed
  • New Snow Last 24 hrs: 0


  • = Open
  • § = Terrain Park Area
  • = Machine Groomed


  • BY-1   
  • BY-8   
  • E.I.O   
  • E.I.O. Glades   
  • Emmy   
  • Giggles   
  • Hoot Owl   
  • Jester's Alley §  
  • J.T.'s Trail   
  • Last Chance   
  • Leo's Legacy   
  • Main Street   
  • Megan's Way   
  • Nason's Trail  
  • Tammy's Turn   
  • Totem Park   


  • Abbey Road  
  • Abendroth's Trail  
  • Brady's Run  
  • Bugaboo  
  • By George  
  • BY-2  
  • BY-5  
  • Canyon  
  • Cheers  
  • Cut Off  
  • Dandy's Delight  
  • Huggy Bear Hollow  
  • Interlochen Arts Ave.  
  • Kay Blue  
  • Lake View  
  • Little Vincent Terrain Park §   
  • Norm's Way  
  • Penny Lane  
  • Pops' Peak  
  • Piper Pass  
  • Rotary Run   
  • Shelburg's Chute  
  • Shirk's Slalom  
  • Short Cut  
  • The Ridge  
  • Wally's Way  
  • Weiss Way  


  • Basin Street §   
  • Buck   
  • Buckaroo   
  • Buck Glades   
  • Glacier Valley Glade Area   
  • Gorge   
  • Gorge Glades   
  • Nose Dive  
  • Loki   
  • Lower Gorge   
  • Teddy's Turn   
  • Thor   
  • Last Call Glades
  • Tuck's   
  • Wipe Out   


  • BackYard Lift
  • Buck Quad
  • Crystal Clipper High-Speed Quad
  • Loki Quad
  • North Face Quad
  • Ridge Runner Triple


  • Crystal Carpet #1
  • Crystal Carpet #2

Snow Report: Skiing fresh groomed corduroy with mostly sunny skies and a high of 31 sounds to go to be true, well it's not, these are predicted slope conditions for today. Make sure you don't miss out on our fifty-seven open runs today (Nose Dive remains closed).  Stretch your skiing & riding into the evening hours, as the lifts run from 9am-9pm. Buck, Clipper, Loki and the Totem Park carpet tows run uphill during that time, while the North Face is open from 10am-4:30pm.  Sample the Ridge ride from 10am-8:30pm. The Backyard lift is closed, but you can access all those Backyard runs from the Ridge chairlift.  SKI TIP: When it's windy outside, the most protected runs are on the backside of the mountain.

Terrain park fans - check out the new 5ft jump on Jester's Alley, along with a 10ft. flat double barrel rail, 16ft. T box, 12 ft. down single bar and dance floor. In addition to the quarter pipe, Little Vincent's rollers have been transformed into 15ft and 20 ft jumps. We've added a 20ft park bench to Basin Street, which already boasts a 20 ft propane tank spine in the middle,  a 30 ft rainbow rail, 20ft battleship box, 20ft down tower tube, 30 ft flat down flat rail, 30 ft down rail, 20ft A-frame box and   21 ft flat rail.

Note: Crystal Mountain is not open for night skiing on Monday and Tuesday nights (after 4:30pm) during the regular season, with the exception of the Presidents’ Week holiday period (February 19 & 20). Please view the Snow Report for the very latest conditions (weather or other factors can occasionally affect lift hours and available terrain).

NORDIC NEWS: Trails were groomed early this morning, so there are fresh tracks in most places and corduroyed skating lanes. Crust skiing is absolutely wonderful right now! Watch your wax this upcoming weekend, as temperatures begin to rise - but our consistent grooming helps the trails to hold up well despite temperature variations.   Rental equipment is available, and trail passes are required. Call the Kinlochen Pro shop at ext. 4000. PLEASE NOTE: Our XC trail system is for skiers only - no walking on these fresh tracks, please. Footprints ruin the packed, corduroyed skating lanes. For walkers, the Otter Run loop directly across from Kinlochen is a multi-use trail designated for walking as well as skiing.

FAT TIRE BIKE NEWS:  Fat Bike trails were packed and cleared Sunday; conditions are wonderful -hard packed and fast - but be aware of changing temperatures in the next few days. Run 4 psi for traction. Get ready for this Sunday's Fat Chance Fat Tire Bike race and put in some training. Trail passes and bike rentals are available at park at Water's Edge. Ext. 7000.

NASTAR NEWS:  Step up to the starting gate at 1:30pm on Sun., Mon., Wed., Fri and Sat.

ICE RINK:   Call ahead for rink status updates. (888) 968-7686 ext.7000

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