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Fitness Class Descriptions

Check This Week at Crystal for weekly class schedules.

Aromatherapy Yoga

Breathe easy as the room is diffused with essential oils to assist your body in a deep relaxation through the poses.

Beach Body Boot Camp

This program is Crystal Mountain's Signature Boot Camp! Our professional instructors guide you through this cardio, strength and endurance full-body workout designed for the average to elite exercise enthusiast. Classes are setup in a circuit style fitness training program. 

Core & Tone

30-minute class designed to target core muscles and total body toning. 

Family Fit Class

Our 30-minute Family Fit Class is a great way to keep active and enjoy quality time as a family. Kids must be ages 7 or older and must have parent supervision if they are under the age of 16.

Family Yoga

Family bonding on a mat! This fun 30 minute class targets the learning the building blocks of yoga. Kids 7 years and up welcome with an adult.

Gentle Yoga

This class will guide you with ease and comfort into a gentle yoga practice with the use of props to assist.

HIIT Program

30-minute High Intensity Interval Training is a total body circuit style class with a mix of cardio and strength training. 

Lap Swimming

Offered daily until Noon. Limited space available.

Latin Dance

Enjoy the music and raise your heart rates to the movement as you learn the fundamental steps of Latin dance. Couples and singles welcome!

Lower Body Tone

This low intensity half hour class keeps your heart rate steady with lower body specific exercises, while utilizing your core muscles.

Power Yoga

This energetic and uplifting sequence features a series of static postures meant to enhance your practice, build stamina and internal heat.

Retired, Not Tired

Keep active and stay young at heart with our Retired Not Tired fitness class, designed to help older adults maintain and improve their cardiovascular health, strength, balance and flexibility. Whether you are a veteran gym member or a newcomer, we invite you to come and enjoy the benefits of working out in a group setting. Contact the Peak for more information.

Snow Yoga

This outdoor half hour class combines quick paced Vinyasa yoga with the carefree fun of playing in the snow.

Sunrise Yoga

As the sun rises over the mountain awaken your body with this building to exhilarating practice of yoga.

Total Core

The Total Core program focuses on your abdominal and back muscles. This tempo core workout is designed to work your core in a fun and vibrant manor. If you want to tone your mid-section while adding cardiovascular exercise, this program is for you! We start with a dynamic warm-up and move right into a very intense calorie-burning group exercise program. 

Upper Body Tone

This low intensity half hour class keeps your heart rate steady with upper body specific exercises, while utilizing your core muscles.

Water Aerobics

Exercise program in the Peak Pool designed for individuals with water aerobics experience ranging from basic to advanced. If you are looking for a fun and rewarding workout, this one is for you. Ages 16 and older.

Yoga Flow

Glide through the sequence in this yoga class for beginners to advanced.

Please call the Peak Fitness Center for more information, ext. 7300.

Featured Classes

Check This Week at Crystal for weekly updates.

Candlelight Yoga

Escape to Crystal Spa for an evening of rejuvenation with Crystal Mountain Candlelight Yoga. Enjoy spa access from 5-7pm, then relax with yoga by candlelight in the motion studio at 7pm.

*$15 per class, per person. Fee includes access to Crystal Spa, Indoor Pool and Peak Fitness Center.

Classes subject to change. Check This Week At Crystal for the most current class schedule. Private classes available with advanced booking. Most fitness classes are for ages 16 or older. For more information about fitness classes and personal training programs or to register for a class at the Peak Fitness Center, please call .