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Youth Menu (Ages 9-12) | Crystal Mountain Michigan

Nail salon services are available for youth guests (ages 9-12). Youth guests may not have access to Spa locker facilities, hot tub or Relaxation Lounge. No adult supervision is required with a waiver signed by a parent or guardian for entry into the nail service area.

Tween Mani: 25 min, $20

Tween Pedi: 25 min, $35
Decals: $5 for two

Crystal Bonding*: 50 min, $129
A side-by-side Mini Mani and Petite Pedi for both mother and young daughter. This package also includes a special Spa gift. (For ages 9-17 only)

*Some restrictions apply.

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Service Length
25 - 50 min
$20 - $129