Kids' Crafts & Activities

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Fun for everyone! Reservations are not required. Kids' Crafts are drop-in programs at the Park at Water's Edge, created for the entire family to enjoy. Parent supervision is required. For more information, please call 888.968.7686, ext. 7000.

June 11, 2016 - September 5, 2016 

NEW! Canvas Painting

Paint your own canvas creation! Visit the Park at Water's Edge.
Day & Time: Tuesday & Sunday, 10am
Cost: $7 per canvas

NEW! Puppets

Construct, decorate and name your handcrafted puppet.
Day & Time: Monday & Friday, 10am
Cost: $7 per puppet

Glitter Tattoos

Express your style with a variety of temporary tattoo designs.
Hours: Daily, 12-2pm
Cost: $7 per tattoo

Color A Cap

Get creative and design your own trucker hat with markers and stencils.
Hours: Friday, 7pm
Cost: $7 per hat

Build-A-Buddy Workshop

This workshop gives kids the opportunity to create and adopt their very own stuffed animal. Build-A-Buddy kits include a Crystal Mountain logo t-shirt for your buddy and a birth certificate. Build-A-Buddy "to-go" kits, additional wardrobe selections and accessories are also available for purchase daily at the Park at Water's Edge.
Hours: Thursdays, at 10am
Cost: $24 per kit, $10 per additional outfit.

Puffy Pillows

Create your own hand tied plush fleece pillow at our workshop.
Day & Time: Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday, 7pm
Cost: $7 per kit

Tie-Dye Time

Explore your creativity with our tie-dye workshop. Create your own bright colors and original designs on bandanas, t-shirts and more.
Day & Time: Wednesday & Saturday, 4pm
Cost: Starting at $7

Sand Art

Pick from a variety of colored sand to create your own unique bottle.
Day & Time: Wednesday & Saturday, 10am
Cost: $7 per bottle

Hair Wraps

Add some funk and style to your hair-do!
Day & Time: Tuesday, Friday & Sunday, 4pm
Cost: $7 per wrap

Wacky Wallets

Create your style wallet with a variety of duct tape designs. Both male and female options available.
Day & Time: Thursdays & Mondays, 10am
Cost: $7 per wallet

Tube-a-licious Candy

Fill a tube full of your favorite flavors of candy.
Day & Time: Daily during Park at Water's Edge Hours
Cost: $4 small, $7 large

Anytime Activities

Disc Golf*
Glitter Tattoos* (September 6 - October 31)
Build-A-Buddy Kits* (September 6 - October 31)
Tube-A-Licous Candy* (September 6 - October 31)
Movie Rentals*
Board Games
Scavenger Hunt
Frankly Fun Playground
Lawn Games
Bird Watching

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*Additional fee required.

Activity days and times are subject to change. Call to confirm or refer to our This Week at Crystal flier.