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Friday, March 1, 2024
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Ope, sorry! More reasons why the Midwest is Best - ski resort edition

America's Heartland, the fly-over-states, farming - sure, all of these things are true about the Midwest, but can we add abundant skiing to the list? Michigan alone is home to 49 ski resorts, three of them (including Crystal Mountain) which made the U.S. News & World Report list for Best Ski Resorts in the nation for 2022-23! Only 375-feet of vertical you say? Well, turns out there's a lot more to skiing and snowboarding than long gondola rides and windy mountain peaks. Don't just take our word for it, read what Local Freshies has to say about why some of the best ski resorts are in the Midwest.

While we're at it... can we talk about spring skiing in the Midwest!? We hear all about the "winter blues" this time of year, but guess what? The sun will come out tomorrow - a nd when it does, like it is right now during this post, it is worth the wait - every time. Hence, the loveliness of spring skiing. After a dicey, beautiful, snowy, peaceful and cold few months, Mother Nature starts to reintroduce the Sun to the Slopes - and we as the skiers and riders are the beneficiaries. Sun and snow!? Bust out your favorite sunnies and head to Crystal to celebrate March at the Mountain every weekend of the month. The fun kicks off with Mardi Gras weekend March 4, followed by Spring Carnival on March 11 (costumes highly encouraged), Celts & Kayaks on March 18 and the ever-so-popular Retro Day on March 25 (think mullets and neon!) Come for the day or stay the night. Everything you need to know is just a click away: .

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