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at crystal mountain, Michigan

All Resort Lost and Found (inclusive of all resort hotels and resort property managed by Crystal Mountain, Michigan) is tracked and maintained through a Lost and Found database. Items found in guest rooms, or areas such as the lobby, recreation facilities, conference center, pools, spa, fitness center, dining locations, slopes, or parking lots, will be returned to the Lost and Found service. Crystal Mountain has partnered with Chargerback to manage our Lost and Found service.

Once you've submitted your Lost Item Form, Chargerback will send you a confirmation email with a tracking number.

If we find your lost item, Chargerback will send you an email with simple instructions on how to retrieve it. We'll also get back to you if we are not able to find it.

Please note: We hold more valuable items including wallets, purses, cell phones, tablets, cameras, and identification for 90 days. Any loose Credit or Debit cards (not in a wallet or purse) are kept for 72 hours before being destroyed. Passports will be kept for one week. Items of lesser value (including: clothing, chargers, books and most items) are held for 30 days before being donated or disposed of. Stray socks and generic undergarments (with exception of bras or lingerie) will be disposed of immediately.

For privacy reasons, Crystal Mountain will never contact you about items we find unless you have submitted a Lost Item Report.

Winter Items

The following items found in common areas will be held for 14 days at the Inn at the Mountain Front Desk for pick-up: mittens, gloves, goggles, hats, scarves and other similar items. Only winter items with an assumed value over $75 will be logged into Chargerback and guests will need to submit a lost item report.

Found skis, snowboards and poles are kept at Crystal Mountain Tickets and Rental for pick-up. Found skis and Snowboards are kept for 90 days before being donated or disposed of. Due to the abundance of poles we recover, poles are not logged into the system and can be identified in person at the Tickets and Rental desk. Only poles found with other equipment will be logged.  If you have already departed our resort, please submit a lost item report for your lost skis or snowboard so we can attempt to recover your items.

If you think your item has been stolen, please do not fill out the form below. Instead, please contact Front Desk or Switchboard and we will assist you with getting in touch with our security department.


If your item is found, you will have the three options below provided to you:

• We can hold them for 30-days so that you can pick them up from the resort
• We can ship them to you via USPS Priority Mail or FedEx, at your expense
• We can donate the item

If items are not picked up within the established amount of time, they will be disposed of or donated.

Thank you,
Crystal Mountain Guest Services
Thompsonville, Michigan


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